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Tossits Car Garbage Bags

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TOSSITS™ are designed to fit around all vehicle’s headrests, and can be placed on the front or back of the passenger seat or back of driver seat. Our bags are made from post industrial recycled material.

Durable, Leak-Proof Adhesive Seal for closure.

Tossits are practical for everyday commuters, long road trips, messy kids, diapers, fast food trash and more.

Moms Love Tossits for messy kids, especially fast food wrappers, diapers, apple cores, drink cups, candy wrappers and any everyday car trash.

Tossits Car Trash Bags come in a multi-pack that conveniently hang over the headrest of any vehicle, solving the messy car dilemma. Moms love Tossits for easy car organization and messy kid clean-up. Just fill ’em, tear ’em and seal!

You’ll never want to be without them in your car, once you try them.

Tossits are the easiest, most convenient way to keep trash in one place. With multiple bags in a set, you will never have to worry about your car being clean.

Save big when you buy higher quantities!

Great gifts for moms with kids and anyone who wants a tidy car.