To create a cleaner earth with less trash on our streets and highways. Teaching kids to throw away their trash in a bag and not on the floor or tucked away in the seat. We want to prevent messy, melty chocolate from sitting on seats in the hot sun and allow mothers to have a clean car once and for all! 

TOSSITS™ are designed to fit around all headrests and can be placed on the front or back of the passenger seat or back of driver seat. Our bags are Eco-Friendly and made from post industrial recycled material.

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We are a company of parents, car enthusiasts, and daily commuters that share a common need – to keep our cars clean and free of debris. TOSSITS™ was created to eliminate the passenger seat floor trash piles and backseat kid’s playground. Many parents drive their kids around on a daily basis, whether for sports or school. Some parents have alternating carpool weeks with more children than normal.

TOSSITS™ are the new way to keep your backseat clean from debris and trash and are a great way to keep trash off the road.

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  • TOSSITS™ aims to change the way people dispose of trash in their car while becoming moving billboards for brands. The traditional method of waiting until you’re home or at a gas station is over.

    Our plan is to inform and educate people about the damages that throwing trash out your window can cause, but also how clean your car can stay – even with kids and untidy passengers. We plan to partner with environmental groups to help spread this message.

    Please contact us if your organization would like to partner!