Tossits car garbage bags hang over the headrest of any car in the front or back seat. These thick trash bags have an easy tear-off perforation with a strong seal and are leak-proof. Just $7.99 for a set or purchase in multiples and get FREE bags.

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Affordable and convenient car trash bags, TOSSITS are a multi-pack of 10 eco-friendly garbage bags. Keep your car clean and your floors will never look like this again:

car garbage on floor needs Tossits
Does your vehicle look like this? Try Tossits.

What TOSSITS Delivers

  • Leak-proof and smell-proof
  • Large Bags (12 inches wide x 15 inches tall)
  • Great for car-sickness
  • 10 bags per set
  • Made with recycled plastic
  • Hangs over your cars' headrest
  • Adhesive strip along top seals in contents and smells
  • Convenient and affordable
  • 30 day returns and guarantee

What would you do with the extra 30 minutes a week? TOSSITS saves car clean-up time.

Parents are raving about how much their kids love using TOSSITS. Finally there’s a SOLUTION to kids throwing their juice boxes and wrappers onto the car floor for their parents to clean up later.

No more old coffee cups in your cup holders, or food wrappers and banana peels on your floor!  Make it easy on yourself. Your kids will love using a backseat “TOSSIT”.

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