Tossits Pop Up Display


Tossits are constructed using bags and a cardboard header board that holds the bags firmly in place. Both can be customized to have any logo and text that is best for your project. 

Bag Customization

The most versatile way to customize Tossits is on the face of the product / bags. With a printable face of almost 12″ x 12″, the design possibilities are endless. There are 7 bags in each Tossits product, and some businesses have used two different designs for the first 6 bags, with a “Call To Action” design on the last bag. Two successfully examples of this are a Dentist’s office and a barber’s shop, who used the last bag as a means to get their customer to schedule their next appointment.

Our TOSSITS logo can be replaced on the front of the bag with any design you wish. There are options for different colored bags, and any color text too!

Design options are only limited to your imagination!

Example Design

Header Board Customization

Having your logo and name boldly displayed at the top of the our product guarantees to maximize your expose to your customer. Our business customers have found success displaying of a combination of their logo, business name, and phone number. Your design can take up as much of the header board as you wish. The available printable space is the 10″ width between the grommets and 1.5″ height. It is possible to incorporate the grommets into you design, and the width is then 12″. 

You also have the option to change the color of the cardboard and grommets to match your design more closely.


Looking for a new and creative way to do a school fundraiser, sports team fundraiser, or even raise money for a boy scouts or girl scouts group? How about a fundraiser for your church or non-profit group? Tossits has the perfect solution for you! 

Tossits Fundraising offers a product that virtually everyone has a use for, is good for the environment, AND helps to keep trash off of our highways! Tossits are the easiest way for parents and drivers everywhere to keep their cars clean. 

With over 50% of the sale price going directly to your organization, a Tossits Fundraiser is a fun, PROFITABLE, and easy way to successfully reach your fundraising goals!

To learn more about how a Tossits Fundraiser can take your group’s fundraising to the next level, send us a message below, and we will help make it a reality!


Imagine having your business’s name and logo in front of your prospective customer’s face for months, on a product they’re actively using and improving their quality of life, for under $4 a piece. Sounds almost too good to be true, but this is what you’re getting when you put your business on Tossits!

Use Tossits as a promotional giveaway for an affordable advertising campaign. Offer Tossits for sale as part of your product business as a way to generate income AND free advertising. Either way, your business will receive lots of expose and be a constant reminder to your prospective customers!

To learn more about how a Tossits Advertising Campaign can take your business’s expose to the next level, send us a message below, and we will help to come up with the right strategy!